Supporting Indigenous Communities of Chiapas, Mexico with Snoopy

EXIM Mexico, Metlife Mexico and Peanuts Worldwide have jointed efforts to support Indigenous Communities of Chiapas, Mexico through Leon XIII Foundation.



This time, Snoopy will be helping them to achieve a new project! EXIM Mexico (Peanuts Licensing Agent) with the support of, MUMEDI Design, SA de CV and MUMEDI, the Mexican Museum of Design, represented by the Foundation MUMEDI AC and METLIFE, will call for designers, artists, craftsmen, creatives, architects, teachers, professionals, design studios and companies to participate in the contest "Creating Art Moving Lives."

Snoopy will be transform into a sculpture to express all what Snoopy himself stands for… wellness, creativity, freedom, harmony, peace, all positive messages that needs to be reminded once in a while.  To finally gather a beautiful Snoopy art piece collection that all people will have the opportunity to watch or even take one home.

This special contest, exhibition and welfare auction will take place in MUMEDI, great known down town museum that gathers all what creative people are always looking for… an opportunity to be among great others, express themselves and adding a third and more satisfactory ingredient … help those who need it most.